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At WhooFy Waffles, we intend to focus on consistently serving the highest quality products. Our chocolate couverture is selected from the best Swiss chocolates. We collaborate with the world's leading manufacturer of high quality chocolate and cocoa products, the Barry Callebaut Group. They are a fully vertically integrated company and have a unique global footprint with over 60 factories. The Barry Callebaut group operates cocoa factories in the main countries of origin of cocoa as well as chocolate factories in more than 40 countries around the world. Their Swiss chocolate factory is located in Zurich and has been operating under the Carma name since 1931.

Our chocolate


We are chocolate fanatics and we work with a lot of love and passion. Our vision is to bring you the best Swiss chocolate as abundantly as possible. For this, we suggest you try several types of melted chocolate associated with our authentic waffles.

We offer you different types of milk, white and brown chocolate, as well as several special types of chocolate like dark chocolate, golden caramel chocolate and the real world novelty and a class of its own, the fourth dimension of chocolate and real swiss sensation - Ruby chocolate.

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